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About Us



HomeCo is a factory direct distributor that specialize in kitchen and bathroom products from research, development, manufacturing, export and distribution. We offer high quality products at an exceptional price rate to distributors, large scale developers, builders and general contractors. HomeCo was founded back in 2005. Today, we have acquired five different manufacturing facilities in Asia and nine warehouses in the US. ​ HomeCo develops and manufactures a variety of products such as cabinets, vanity cabinets, stone countertops, sinks, toilets, faucets and other industry related products. Our goal is to better serve our customers that are looking for products and materials in large scale projects and wholesale distributions by providing them with exceptional pricing and service and avoiding the hassle of dealing with other foreign manufacturers and exporters. We eliminate the risks and difficulties of language barrier, miscommunication, middle-men, different time zones, and seeking liabilities. These issue often cause incorrect product, inaccurate specifications and delivery delays, which can result into a more costly transaction and unpleasant experience for the buyer. At HomeCo, with five locations in the US, we will help you with your inquiries more direct, working in your time zone and no language barrier.  Buyers will also have a greater peace of mind knowing that all products are backed by HomeCo's warranty. 

Factory Direct

HomeCo is a distributor network backed up 100% by its fully owned and operated factories overseas. Cutting out brokers and middlemen to pass the savings to its valued customers

In-Stock Inventroy

All products offered by HomeCo and its network are fully stocked to provide fast turnaround and cut down waiting times to maximize our customers' output 

Shipping Nationwide

We do drop-shipping across the nation! With our 9 warehouses across the nation, we can facilitate our customers' orders by shipping from the nearest fulfillment center to provide the best value

Best Value

Our products are constantly improved by newer production technology to achieve the optimal quality and cost ratio, giving our customer the best value products.

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