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Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets Care



Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets Care

With adequate attention, your cabinetry can provide a lifetime of functionality and contentment. Proper care entails diligent cleaning, polishing, and the cautious avoidance of damaging household cleaners.

It only requires a small amount of effort to maintain a kitchen's brand-new appearance. Here are a few additional tips to help you preserve the new look of your cabinets for many years to come!

  1. Quickly wipe away spills, splatters, and water spots to keep cabinets dry.

  2. Clean with a soft, lint-free cloth using a mild detergent or soap with warm water.

  3. Immediately dry surfaces with a soft cloth after cleaning.

  4. Avoid using dish cloths or sponges that might contain grease or detergent residues.

  5. Refrain from using products containing bleach, ammonia, or abrasive additives like petroleum solvents.

  6. Never use scouring pads, steel wool, or powdered cleaners.

  7. Prevent oven cleaners from coming into contact with cabinet surfaces.

  8. Avoid placing small kitchen appliances where heat is directed onto cabinet surfaces.

  9. Refrain from draping damp cloths or dish towels over cabinet doors, as excessive moisture can cause permanent damage.

  10. Always test a small, inconspicuous spot with any new cleaning product to ensure it won't damage the cabinet surface.

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