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Large Scale Projects


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HomeCo Group offers several manufacturers in different industry which are individually owned and operated. Our manufacturers are capable of producing at least 20 containers per month at each industry. HomeCo Group's goal is to better serve our customers who are looking for products and materials in large scale projects and distributions at manufacturer price point without the hassle of dealing with other foreign exporters. With office and operations established in the United States, we eliminate the risks and difficulties of language barrier, miscommunication, middlemen, different time zones, and seeking liabilities. These issues often cause incorrect products, inaccurate specifications and deliveries delays, which result into a more costly transaction to the buyer. At HomeCo Group, we will help you with your inquiries face to face, working in your time zone and no language barrier. Customers will also have a greater peace of mind knowing that all products are backed by HomeCo Group’s warranty.

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